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Strategic Business Innovator

"Global Investment Financial Group"

SBI Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested firm primarily engaged in investment and consulting businesses. It was established by SBI Holdings of Japan in accordance with Foreign Investment Promotion Act on March 27, 2002.

SBI Group founded Korea’s first online securities firm ‘E-trade Securities’ and then launched an IPO in 2006. Since then, this foreign-invested financial firm has made considerable investments in Korea.

In 2010, SBI Korea Holdings acquired SBI Investment (formerly Korea Investment Corporation, Korea’s first ever venture capital business).

The Company’s experience of successful investments in Korea combined with SBI Holdings’ global network will be leveraged to expand the domestic venture capital environment.
Date of Incorporation Nov 24, 1986
CEO Yoshimi Takahashi
Majority Shareholder SBI Hong Kong Holdings Co., Limited
(SBI Korea Holdings’ majority shareholder changed from SBI Holdings to SBI Hongkong Holdings in March 2012)
Paid-in Capital KRW 1,163,300,000 (total number of outstanding shares: 232,660)
Affiliates SBI Investment